When your world gets tipped upside down. Love > Hate.

In the grand scheme of the reality of life, most things which happen are completely and utterly irrelevant. Or merely a fraction of the mundane build up of things waiting to happen. It always works out ok in the end. Not because it will 'always be ok', but because the world has this fucked up... Continue Reading →


That filtered version: The reality of Facebook check ins and the #travelgram.

Nobody on facebook shares their divorces, their debt, their fear of having chlamydia or how bored they are with their lives. Everyone is getting married, giving birth, buying a house, getting promoted. I'm flying to Addis Ababa. Or I'm travelling to La Paz, or heading to Ukraine. We are all guilty of oversharing and showing off... Continue Reading →

What sucks about travelling.

  Oh god, the people you meet and fall in love with whilst travelling. A platonic love. But still in that moment they are the greatest people on earth and you get addicted to that.  Well I do. We all know that its the drunken conversations about the meaning of life at 6am, which somehow... Continue Reading →

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