Period: A new blood month and resolution.

I'm about to write about a something which is still perceived as a taboo. It shouldn't be. Half the world experiences it. Two days ago, the Netflix documentary short, Period. End of Sentence. Won an Academy Award. It tells the story of how women from a small Indian community went from using rags to soak... Continue Reading →


Who even am I?

For years, I was running. It started off as running from my family and my high school years of doom and gloom and total dissatisfaction with my life. Then it transitioned into running from broken relationships, jobs I hated but couldn't think of another reason to quit, my fragile mental health. And more than anything,... Continue Reading →


It seems that on paper, on Instagram and on my smile, I am living my dream life. A life of adventure, travel, excitement, insane experiences, landscapes. In the last 20 months I have been to places I have dreamt of for years. I have skied, I have partied, I have drunk more Jack than I... Continue Reading →

This trip could save your life.

When I lived in London, I dressed only in black. I owned pretty much only black clothing. I never understood why people would wear bright colours. Black was easy, stylish, flattering and continuously represented my mood. Wearing black when travelling in vibrant countries like India, Tanzania and Guatemala is not possible. It is not weather... Continue Reading →

You do you and I’ll do me.

After the trauma of everything that happened in Nicaragua, I have been taking refuge in Antigua, Guatemala for the last week. Taking refuge has involved drinking coffees at my favourite cafe, shopping for natural beauty products, eating Guava flavoured gelato and more surprisingly, learning Spanish. I am having a different experience in Antigua. I have... Continue Reading →

It’s just another story to tell…

Picture this. I'm in Leon, Nicaragua. A country on the brink of a civil war. I'm obsessing miserably over a guy back home who just told me it doesn't make sense financially to come out and be with me. Not because of the revolution happening in the country, or the fact that most governments are warning against... Continue Reading →

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